Land After Life

Does the treasure chest of Lex Grauwen have a bottomless pit? After the re-discovery of Tranquil Eyes Walks cassette a few years back and more recently the Frozen Ducks legacy, its time for another dazzling project originating from the mans brain. Cheiron is Lex Grauwen, he plays all the instruments & produced all the music and Jos van Waveren, who sings distinctively. The album Land After Life aims for the dance floor with its high energy minimal synth and electro stylings. In the mid-80s Lex Grauwen was asked to participate in the 'Pas de Deux compilation album, a legendary new wave compilation album featuring Bene Gesserit, Algebra Suicide & Psyclones. Lex asked high school sweetheart Jos van Waveren to join up for a few songs. Land after Life' was chosen for the vinyl and began to lead its own life for many years on the internet. 'Serenity world', recorded during the same sessions is of an equal spellbinding beauty. It got released on the 'Top Tape' label cassette called 'L'Embrasse' in an edited mix. The third song recorded; 'Finally Free Four is a Jos only composition, previously unreleased till now. Jos and Lex had been making music before though, one of those older tracks is 'No Trace', from '81-82. Shortly after 'Pas de Deux', they tried to record some more tracks, but the demo's were never really finished. A while later Lex asked Paul Oosterbaan of 'Tranquil Eyes' and Ruud Braumuller of 'Beatnik Love Affair' to help finish these tracks. The results are 'Your life, your body', also a Jos solo-piece and 'Ping Pong', the last recorded track. Today Jos is a singer-songwriter, performing in the French language."

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