Leve Leve

'SAO TOME & PRINCIPE SOUNDS 70S-80S'- 'Léve Léve' is the first ever compilation devoted to music from Sao Tomé and Principe, two small islands situated off the coast of Gabon in central Africa. The album unravels a story of liberation where the music of Africa, Europe and the Americas unify with a carefree spirit personified by a phrase the islanders use all the time: "léve, léve" ("take it easy"). With echoes of Angolan semba and merengue, of Brazilian afoxê, of coladeira from Cape Verde and dance music from the Caribbean, it is a sound fiercely proud of its island heritage, sung in local dialects and using distinctive local rhythms. The project was the idea and creation of French DJ and crate digger DJ Tom B who has, for over 20 years been collecting music from Brazil and other Lusophone countries. It was through collecting Angolan music that he was first introduced to the unique island music of Sao Tomé and Principe, which like Angola, has a long history of slavery and Portuguese colonialism. TRACKS: 01. Africa Negra - Mino Bô Bé Quacueda 02. Africa Negra - Aninha 03. Africa Negra - Zimbabwe 04. Pedro Lima - Nga Ba Compensadora 05. Sangazuza - Cortiçao 06. Sangazuza - Sun Malé 07. Os Untuès - Piquina Piquina 08. Os Untuès - Chi Bô Sá Migu Di Védê 09. Sum Alvarinho - M'konvètá Dédo 10. Sum Alvarinho - Tólá Muandgi 11. Conjunto Equador - Meu Di Plôcô 12. Conjunto Equador - Madô 13. Tiny Das Neves - Cladênço Padê Cluço 14. Pedro Lima E Conjunto Os Leonenses - Esatela Licu 15. Conjunto Mindelo - Taji Océdo 16. Agrupamento Da Ilha - Bô Gosa So Txi

CD - 1 disk
Release date
Exp. 24-01-2020
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