Suffocate For Fuck Sake

In My Blood

Undoubtedly, one of Swedens best kept underground secrets are SUFFOCATE FOR FUCK SAKE. Without having played a single show for ten years now, the band finally shows a new sign of life by releasing the successor to their critically acclaimed album "Blazing Fires and Helicopters on the Frontpage of the Newspaper. Theres a War going on and Im Marching in Heavy Boots" from 2008. The upcoming full-length "In My Blood" comes via Moment of Collapse Records and contains nine songs of post-rock driven, sludgy heaviness, that is buried deep down between desperation, anger and salvation. Once again, the band proves their willingness to write long-lasting songs of atmospheric soundscapes that are rounded off by layers of additional instruments and samples. SUFFOCATE FOR FUCK SAKE are not just known for crafting album concepts by using radio reports, but also for their ability to incorporate them into their distinctive sound. With such a stylistic composition, "In My Blood" rather assumes the form of a soundtrack than a simple album compiled of loose tracks. With such an intense atmosphere on "In My Blood", SUFFOCATE FOR FUCK SAKE demonstrate that they are indispensable for the Swedish underground scene. "In My Blood" was recorded and mixed by the band in several different studios and places across Sweden and Germany while being mastered by HENRIK WIKLUND afterwards. The vocal samples are taken from the radio documentary "Foradlade svenskar" by Bosse Lindquist. Additional vocals on the album have been contributed by CHARLEE (who is also known for performing with the pop-act THE CHAINSMOKERS). Highly recommendable for everyone who enjoys GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR, ENVY, CULT OF LUNA and BREACH

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