Pirates Of The Airwaves The Wsou Story

WSOU 89.5 FM Seton Hall University's Pirate Radio has been broadcasting for over 65 years and 25 of those years with a Heavy Metal format on a Catholic University! We all love a great underdog story, and the history of Seton Hall University radio station WSOU 89.5 FM flows beautifully through that very vein. Legends such as Slayer's Tom Araya, Killswitch Engage, Overkill's Bobby Blitz, Neil Fallon of Clutch, Lamb of God + many others have teamed up to tell the tale of WSOU for the 'Pirates of the Airwaves: The WSOU Story.' WSOU dates back all the way to 1948, when the station's first broadcast hit the airwaves from Seton Hall University. The radio station has since achieved monumental honors such as being named one of Rolling Stone's Top 5 radio stations, receiving accolades from CMJ and even winning a Peabody Award. WSOU helped launch the careers of many aspiring acts and even beat out commercial radio stations in the ratings by buzz alone. The station ran into hard times in the early 2000s, facing a lack of funds and being ordered to drop its hard rock format. However, WSOU has remained afloat. "Underfunded, under appreciated and at times faced with many obstacles, WSOU has carried on and tries to stay relevant in an internet age," says 'Pirates of the Airwaves' director Rob Longo. "Join me as we explore the storied history of WSOU, its many successes and the challenges it has and will face." Narrated by Bill Rock.

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