Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter

Six Weeks Records is proud to announce what could probably be the most devastating grindcore record of 2013 and the year just started!!! Just end the competition because P.L.F. have unleashed an unbelievable exercise in pure, old school grindcore at its most damaging on this, their new release: Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter, a head crushing battering of 14 new, insanely powerful tracks. Observe all the elements: Harsh bolts of terror with influence taken from the legends of grindcore history (TERRORIZER, NAPALM DEATH, ASSUCK, REPULSION) and twisted all together with violent death/thrash metal bloodletting and an immense, ceiling collapsing studio recording, making this effort a milestone for this veteran Houston, Texas band, and grindcore itself.The band has spent the better part of the last decade releasing quality material on just about every great grind/thrash label around: RSR, TO LIVE A LIE, CYNESS, RESCUED FROM LIFE, TORTURE GARDEN PICTURE CO, POWER-IT-UP, etc. They have ripped apart audiences all over Europe and the United States, played all the huge fests you can play (MARYLAND DEATHFEST, OBSCENE EXTREME, SHORT FAST AND LOUD FEST, etc)!!! All of these experiences and hard fought battles have culminated in the release of an outright grindcore masterpiece, Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter!!!

CD - 1 disk
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