Waking Up Dead

SEX, DRUGS & ROCK 'N' ROLL! Sounds like one hell of a life-style!! For some maybe, but if you ask drummer Phil Varone of Saigon Kick and Skid Row, he'll tell you different. His story is told no holds bar in this very powerful film, 'Waking Up Dead'. A four year project directed by filmmaker, Fabio Jafet. A film that tells show the dark side of the music business through the eyes of Phil Varone. An average guy that everyone can relate to, but he became so blind by the business side of music that he went after an escaped into drugs and ultimately found addiction and pain instead. Jafet reveals what really goes on behind the scenes in a way never seen before on camera. That being said, the drug-induced downfall of Phil Varone is hard to watch at times. The "groupies" and the "sex" episodes of it portrayed to be empty and unsatisfying, leading to the question of why it is even worth it to be a rock star first place. Which is ultimately Phil Varone's points out, as he tells you at the end to get an education and do something else and that anyone who takes that advice will thank him later.'Waking Up Dead' should be mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to get into the music business. It gives you a glimpse into the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll life that we all fantasize about living. Whether you're just a curious movie watcher, or a lover of great films, 'Waking Up Dead' is a MUST see! What are you waiting for?! THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL!

DVD - 1 disk
Release date
Exp. 11-11-2008
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