Mariani, Maria Gabriella

Brahms, Mariani, Ravel: Il Mito E La Memoria [mythos A]

Myth and Memory, intertwined like the two faces of a coin, at times are indistinguishable and at other times alternate in their appearance. This journey through epochs marks the progression from an era brimming with noble aspirations to one tinged with deterioration. At this passage's extremes, the Waltzes of Brahms and Ravel emerge, with the epicenter being the intimate universe of the composer/pianists (Mariani) memories, encompassing her origins (Symphonic Pieces) and her lineage (Nen Waltz). Dance, especially the waltz, is a dominant theme here, symbolizing both the twilight of the 19th century and the closure of an entire period. The waltzes by both Brahms and Ravel reinterpret the traditional waltz form. Brahms versions embody a folk spirit, eschewing opulence and salon sophistication, painting an emotional spectrum from gentle to grim, with occasional folk-inspired hues. Ravels renditions,o n the other hand, are imbued with a melancholic air, not just signaling the end of an age but also serving as an omen of mortality, with their rhythm breaking and elevating into something ethereal. Between the waltzes of Brahms and Ravel sit the pianists own compositions: the Symphonic Pieces from 2022 and the Nen Waltz from 2021. They represent dual approaches to memory: the first as a collective narrative that connects historical events to the realm of myth, and the second as a personal remembrance tracing back to her own origins.

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