Gruppo Corale Novecento

Bepi De Marzi

A unique album: a monograph dedicated to the great Bepi De Marzi, with his voice and precious introductory listening notes written by the author himself with the interpretation of the Gruppo Vocale Novecento, currently one of the best Italian choirs. This monograph on the composer Bepi De Marzi is a unique product of its kind: in addition to the most famous pieces by the Vicenza composer (including the very famous "Signore delle cime", "Ave Maria" and others...) the album contains the first and only recording of the "Ave Maria" with unpublished introduction composed exclusively for the Coro Novecento by the author himself. Furthermore, in the song "Ultima notte" the part played was recorded by Bepi De Marzi himself. Finally, the critical notes and the introduction and description of the pieces are by the author Bepi De Marzi himself. It is clear that this album represents a unique product in the world and will be destined to remain so forever. The Gruppo Corale Novecento is a choir that has won over one hundred prizes in national and international competitions. He regularly performs in concert with Bepi De Marzi who presents his songs live. The recording and interpretation were approved and followed by the Vicenza maestro who sees the Coro Novecento as the only choir capable of collecting his musical legacy. Aware of the profound character of historical-musical reflection of these compositions, born from De Marzi's immense musical experience, the choir wanted to interpret the works contained in this album with its three Sections. The author travels from the medieval organ of "Ora si ferme il vento" to the concerto Grosso of "Sanmatìo", in an excursus of compositional forms of the past that embody poetic texts dedicated to faith, the mountains, war and people. Aware that music is above all a story and that it makes up for what the word alone cannot say, Bepi De Marzi recovers a perhaps lost humanity, combining topics that are still relevant with compositional techniques that have attempted to give man a voice in at least ten centuries of history.

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