Wildhorn, Frank -& Friends-

Live From Vienna

In 2011, Frank Wildhorn & Friends bring everything that makes musicals great to the Ronacher in Vienna. Pia Douwes, Thomas Borchert and Broadways Linda Eder tell stories - namely those that Wildhorn has entrusted to them. The Count of Monte Christo and Crown Prince Rudolf, even Count Dracula, Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde come to life here - all of them unique in their interplay with the brilliant performers they conjure up. With Wildhorn himself at the piano and the orchestra of the United Bn Wien (under the direction of Koen Schoots), a concert evening emerges which the singers and those characters whose world they make their own - each for the duration of a song , heard. Immortalized on CD immediately after its Vienna premiere, FRANK WILDHORN & FRIENDS will now also be available on Blu-Ray from December 18th - what was already musically unmistakable has now become an infallible reality: a whole musical universe comes to life. And while Alice disappears in the rabbit hole (Wonderlands Finding Wonderland celebrated its European premiere here!) And Carmen frees herself from it dancing to Viva, we can dream of her fantastic worlds, firmly anchored in the wonderful reality of live music.

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