Schifrin, Lalo

Sudden Impact; The Original

For Lalo Schifrin, a decade had passed since his own last encounter with Harry Callahan. Lalo reported for duty in 1983, fully aware that time - and musical taste - had changed, and that he had to retain the spirit of Harry while making him a more modern invention: a product of a techno-age, where everything in movies seemed, bigger, louder, and generally larger than life. With "Bullitt" in 1968, and "Ditry Harry" in 1971, Lalo had defined the sound of San Francisco. The glittering canyons and raking tarmac hills had pulsated to hep grooves: a jazzy, snazzy, bass-fueled back bea that was so cool you couldn't believe you were hearing it, so much as dreaming it, living it, so deep into your consciousness did it penetrate. Ten years on, Lalo figured, Harry was older, maybe wiser, maybe mellower. Maybe he was more studied, took his time, thought things through. In "Sudden Impact" the score doesn't push or propel, but supports, keeps Harry rooted, anchored, detached from the madness srrounding him. And additionally, in keeping with the subject matter, it's a tad gentler, and yes, even romantic at times. Perhaps this would be Harry's last go-round. Find love with Jennifer and hang up the big artillery. Sit back, take it easy, have a brew. - Nick Redman

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