Salvador, Henri

Homme Studio

A pop star who turned his back to show business to become an independent artist, steered by the revolutionary ideas in 1960's France; these are the outlines of Henri Salvador's unusual musical career. It made him into a star then led him to entirely dissociate from the record industry, preferring to compose music in his living room. At the age of 50, Salvador starts experimenting with synths and drum machines, multi-track recorders and altered voice collages. Salvador has had a time span of seventy years of creating music, producing some thousand tracks in all kinds of styles. Sometimes associated to ye-ye singers, he's also known to have brought rock to France in 1956, with Boris Vian. In the course of time, he would become a multi-talented artist: jazzman, crooner, entertainer, composer, guitar player and childrens' songs singer. Although his career almost faded into obscurity in the 1980's and 1990's, he made a brief comback in the 2000's, before Salvador passed away in 2008. This compilation brings together a number of tracks from 1969 to 1978, representing just a short era from his impressive career. Including extensive liner notes.

CD - 1 disk
Release date
Exp. 09-04-2021
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