Satanic Sluts 06: A Girl

SLUTS, SEX and SUBVERSION:The Notorious Satanic Sluts are back with a new line in Sinamatic Excess! The Satanic Sluts, who were famously at the center of 2008's notorius Sachsgate scandal, are back and fronting a new series of provocative films that explore sex, life , pornography, art, fashion, sounds and politics- Though not as you know it. This brand new series of Satanic sluts films will see up to regular new releases, each of them delivering an electric mix of Flesh, fantasy and subversive perversion- exploitation cinema rather than exploitative cinema. These new second generation Satanic Sluts are reinventing the brand and pushing the boundaries of sexual expression and the way in which the female body is represented and displayed. They are teaming up with directors, formulating ideas and turning those ideas into films. The first of which is A GIRL starring SS Hannah Short and Mark Blackwell, directed by Simon Black. Synopsis: Pearl is a seemingly "normal" 'young woman who lives a reclusive lifestyle. She struggles between her sexual desires and societies 'acceptable 'behaviour. One day she hears a voice claiming to be Jesus talking to her through her radio. Pearl communicates with him in what appears to be waking consciousness, as well as in her dreams, and he slowly takes over her mind, manipulating and tormenting her she is pulled between sexual desire and guilt. Warning Includes a number of disturbing and erotically charged scenes in which the deminutive Hannah Short uses her body and sexuality to challenge and arouse the viewer in equal measure. Runtime 75 minutes, 2014 IMPORT UK English only

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