Go-betweens, The

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English language, with liner notes by Robert Forster. Hardcover, colored, ca. 128 pages. Belle & Sebastian and Teenage Fanclub have dedicated songs to them, Courtney Barnett has named them as an important influence and numerous bands have covered their songs: The Go-Betweens. In 1977, friends Robert Forster and Grant McLennan formed the band in Brisbane, Australia, which became an international force in the indie world within a few years with their folky indie rock and songs like "Right Here," "Love Goes On" and "Streets of Your Town." In 1989, the band disbanded after six successful albums, only to return in 2000 with "The Friends of Rachel Worth," an album they recorded with the members of Sleater-Kinney. Two more albums followed until 2005, when the sudden death of Grant McLennan in May 2006 put an end to the band. Since then, Robert Forster has been nurturing the band's legacy, re-releasing the band's early work in two box sets on Domino Records in 2015, telling the story of the Go-Betweens as a story of friendship in his autobiography "Grant and I," and releasing numerous solo albums in addition. Now another facet is added to this care of the band's history: Eleven international comic artists have each taken on a favorite song in order to bring it to new life as a comic strip in very individual approaches. Features contributions by the artists: Philip Waechter (Karen), Noah van Sciver (Love Goes On), Matthias Lehmann (Right Here), Katharina Kuhlenkampff (Lee Remick), Sarah Lippett (Here Comes A City), Bim Eriksson (The Clarke Sisters), Christopher Tauber (Bye Bye Pride), Klaus Cornfield (Streets Of Your Town), Ulf K. (Quiet Heart), Oska Wald (German Farmhouse), Luka Lenzin/ Leif Gutschow (Too Much of One Thing).

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