Fotso, Kareyce


KAREYCE FOTSO is an African singer who uses the cultures that have nurtured her so far to shape her song, which is why you fi nd the guitar alongside the sanza, and English alongside Beti and French. Her approach involves creating a world that is much more than just a series of simple songs that follow one after the other like a recital. Her concert plunges you into an audio and visual universe that is terribly human and, of course, feminine. She sings with love and humour about difference, pain, exile, relationships between men and women, violence and upheavals of every kind. KAREYCE FOTSO constructs her new repertoire as if it were Cameroon itself: a place of harmony, a hub of encounters and love between peoples. Several regions inhabit this album; eight different languages resonate naturally. Whether she is speaking, singing, whistling, whispering, dancing, playing the guitar or drums, Kareyce unfolds before us much more than a small corner of the world map. We are taken by the hand and led along paths that lead to the lands of Africa, far from the shimmering mirages in the confusion of unattainable dreams. As if the singer only has one song, available in multiple melodies and dialects, and that this song simply says that one can believe in ones dreams in Africa: there is no need to leave.

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