Stilla Tyd

"Huiswaarts" - Homewards, homeward bound. Perhaps that is the one thought, the deep- seated wish that unites all people who celebrate Christmas. From culture to culture, the traditions vary. Often the differences in our celebrations from those of our neighbors are so vast that one may scarcely believe that we belong to the same culture. Most of the time, we really do come from a completely different place, or world than our neighbor. Huiswaarts is sung in Afrikaans - most of the other songs on FJARILLs album are in Swedish, and so is the album title a mixture of the mother tongues of both musicians: Stilla Tyd - Stilla is Swedish for quiet and Tyd is Afrikaans for time. The Swede Aino Loewenmark, and South African Hanmari Spiegel have had many successful years with Fjarill. They have made five albums together, won the Ruth-Weltmusikpreis (Ruth Music Award), were among the finalists of the CREOLE Weltmusikpreis (Global Music Contest), and have played hundreds of concerts in Germany and beyond. Their program Leise Zeit (as of yet unreleased) has become a permanent fixture of Fjarills end-of-the-year concerts. New songs have been created, and Leise Zeit has evolved into Stilla Tyd. Simple, with only voice (from time to time in sweet, surprising harmony), piano and violin, Aino and Hanmari are as intrinsically unified as ever. Gentle folk songs, soft hymns, pop ballades - honouring this reflective time of year, yet spiked with Swedish wit and South African joie de vivre. Some of Fjarills old familiar songs are included here, newly arranged, and available on CD for the first time. Fjarills concerts are always a special experience, and both new as well as old fans will delight in the new recordings, the direct, intimate and clear sound of the songs. Most of the compositions are, as always, original, but not to be forgotten are also a few traditionals from the musicians home countries. Fjarills Stilla Tyd isnt just for Christmas celebrating folk: Its a Quiet Time for everyone. Band: Aino Loewenmark (vocals, piano) Hanmari Spiegel (violin, vocals)

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