Division Of Laura Lee

Violence Is Timeless

Since their first gigs back in 1997 Division Of Laura Lee have kept their audience in constant shock and many fellow bands in awe. Their mix of violence, energy, dark non-compromising lyrics, and well crafted, beautiful songs is toxic. Some say Division Of Laura Lee is not a band, but a world class lethal drug. If youve been set afire by the explosive Molotov cocktails theyre throwing out, you know youre fucked. You better not loose sight of the dealer. Division Of Laura Lee released their first album Black City in 2002 and their second Does Not Compute in 2004, both recorded by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives bass player Karl Gustavsson in the legendary Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg Sweden. By way of constant trashy touring (the sleeping-with-rats -on- shitty -?oors kind) theyve been gigging every creepy cave in Europe and most of the ones in USA, part headline, part with other bands such as The Donnas, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Trail Of Dead, Turbonegro and International Noise Conspiracy. Having their strongest ground in USA theyve performed at Craig Killbourne show and hosted 120 Minutes on MTV, attended SXSW festival 2 times, and been praised through out all relevant press. The new album is again recorded by Karl Gustavsson and will be released on I Made This during the Autumn of 2008. It goes under the title: "Violence Is Timeless". Your money back if its not their best yet. 1. Caress/Hotnights 2. LAX 3. Violence Is Timeless 4. Silver Ghost 5. The Evil Out Of Me 6. Anytime. Anywhere 7. Central Park 8. Pirates 9. Martin 10. 3 Guitars 11. Blank Love Poetry 12. Do You Love Me?

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