Brandi, Charlotte

An Den Alptraum

Charlotte Brandi known as singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist in the hugely successful Berlin indie duo Me And My Drummer. The band released two EPs and two albums, whilst establishing themselves as one of the finest live acts the German indie scene has to offer. Everything went swimmingly for eight years, until the band reached its logical terminus: both members can now take the time to develop projects beyond the confines of the band. Charlotte Brandi began working on her solo debut in 2015 whilst nursing a broken foot on her parents sofa. "The Magician" is an absolutely stunning album, uncompromising to a fault: the quality of the arrangements is sensational, underpinned by lush instrumentation and elaborate sounds. Most of Charlotte Brandis musical craft originally comes from the piano. There was a piano in the familys living room in Dortmund, the town where Charlotte Brandi was born and raised. When she moved to Cologne, then Tn and ultimately Berlin, the piano was traded for some synthesizers. A few years ago, Charlotte found an old, restored piano for her apartment. Like an old, friendly ghost, that instrument brought her fundamental, innate language back to life.

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