Blousons Noirs, Les

Les Blousons Noir

French DIY proto punk band from 1961. A must have for every fan of weird music and people who dig Hasil Adkins, Shaggs, Los Saicos and this kind of primitive r'n'r. Quote: "I was half expecting this LP that arrived featuring gobbledy-gook, electric-guitar-played-with-mittens French covers of "Johnny B Goode" and "Be Bop a Lula" to be some kind of elaborate prank on the Norton/ Crypt crowd but the Born Bad label assures of the bona-fide primitive genius of Les Blousons Noirs, whose 1961 and 1962 EPs have just been issued on a single LP. If this is indeed the case, these guys have ascended to the automatic altar of Hasil, King Usniewicz and the U-Turns for pure stupe-rock greatness, and even predate the Shaggs by half a decade. "Maybe it's the first proto punk/DIY in the world....????....If i have good memory, "Chicken Walk" (Hasil Adkins) is from 1961 too. Even in France, nobody knows Les Blousons Noirs, this band is really the great discovery of a records digger. Nothing is found on the band and therefore the band's rumoured to be so-called "pieds noirs " ("black feet" - it means French people who lived in Algerie during the colonization by France. At the end of the colonization, "les pieds noirs" have been banned form Algerie because of the war and then came back in France..."

LP - 1 disk
Release date
Exp. 15-06-2007
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