The Work Of Idle Hands

The UK thrash scene in the 80s always seemed to be a few paces behind what was going on in America, but that didnt mean that top acts like ONSLAUGHT, XENTRIX, DEATHWISH and D.A.M. were not churning out great albums, because they were. SLAMMER were no exception and their 1989 debut album, The Work Of Idle Hands, delivered some of the highest caliber thrash the scene had heard from both sides of the Atlantic. Producer Mark Dodson (JUDAS PRIEST, ANTHRAX, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES) honed SLAMMERs razor sharp attack into this single shot of metallic brilliance and all who heard it thought SLAMMER had the best chance of any of the bands to break big. But, as heard far too regularly, piss poor promotion and other extenuating circumstances all proved fatal to the bands chances at glory. The album has been out of print for nearly 20 years and fetching high dollar collector prices online, but SLAMMER has remained a cult favorite with die-hard thrash fans. The Work Of Idle Hands limited edition contains brand new mastering and a redesigned 16-page booklet with scrapbook style memorabilia clippings of the bands history. For the fans, by the fans.

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