Lighten Up

Absolutely Not

Not simply a throwback to early 80s hardcore, Lighten Up play fast and pissed of hardcore in a time when hardcore bands call slayer more of an influence than Minor Threat or Bad Brains. Hard to argue with that considering Absolutely Not throws 12 songs at you in a little over 17 minutes. Calling Philadelphia home, this young four-piece has been hard at work on their debut LP for some time now. Having already laid the groundwork with several demos and 7" releases, as well as highly talked about appearances at This Is Hardcore Fest, Lighten Up has been making a name for themselves in the US Scene as must see live band and one of the more promising bands to emerge from the Philly area over the past few years. Putting raw energy and passion to tape is something few bands are able to do, but Absolutely Not is 17 minutes of blitzkrieg hardcore punk that is sure to make people stand and take notice, if not for the fact that the record is just about over in the blink of an eye or the tongue in cheek lyrics and attitude that the band has; something so rare in todays cookie cutter made for myspace scene.

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