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Their 5th studio album to date. Its been a while coming and its testament to the resilience of the band that True Surrender exists at all! While on tour in the autumn of 2015 the band were lent a small studio in a Vineyard in Northern Spain and set about recording the bones of a new album. They recorded 15 songs but, on returning home, werent happy that the songs reflected the bands current creative space - they were? too close to what the band had done before and not a true reflection of the bands collective feeling. They began to question their way of writing, their dynamic, and what they wanted to achieve with their songs. They realised they were looking for more soul, more honesty, and a level of openness and intimacy that theyd never felt comfortable revealing before. The Vineyard album was scrapped and they surrendered completely to what gradually became an entirely new way of working. True Surrender was written, arranged, recorded, mixed and honed over a chaotic three year period of bilocation, the birth of children and a heightened level of personal and professional anxiety - not to mention all of the usual trials and tribulations of the creative process and the artistic battles that are par for the course. Songs were written, stripped back to their core and rebuilt with new instrumentation, new meaning and a constant, fervent desire to pour their hearts and souls into every bar of music. Preceded by the singles "In Darkness We Feel Our Way" (the only survivor from the Vineyard album) and "In The Moment", which only scratch the surface of the musical endeavour in the album, True Surrender is Delorentos proudest achievement to date. Melodic tunes infused with electronic warmth; soaring, mellifluous melodies encasing lyrics that tug at the heart strings, rant and rail in defiance and, ultimately, offer a brand new insight into a band of four school-friends who have grown together and grown apart before cohering again with a whole new shape, understanding and vision. The process has been aided, abetted and emboldened by a new openness to collaboration and external criticism in the writing (for instance with Richie Egan (Jape) on "In Darkness") and the recording process (in the sensitive hands of Tommy McLaughlin (Attica Audio, Donegal)) while the mixing was undertaken by the inspirational Ross Dowling (Darklight Studios, Dublin) - and Adrian Garry (Keelys Lane Studio, Oldcastle) on "SOS". Ultimately True Surrender is the bands most evolved, emotive and affecting collection of songs so far. The tell-tale sound of a classic 4-piece guitar band is still there in parts, but that sound has been developed, mixed, melded and transmogrified into a brand new, edgy beast that is a force to be reckoned with!

TRACKLISTING: 01. Stormy Weather 02. Islands 03. Sos 04. Eagle Eye 05. In Darkness We Feel Our Way 06. Love Me For Who I Am 07. Am I Done? 08. Sometimes 09. In The Moment 10. Deep In The Heart 11. Just Like Everybody Else

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 27-04-2018
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