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A Little Walk features six original songs, plus four dub versions,each of songs found on the very same album. From GuidingLight, the first track, to the last one, Mysterious Ways, I Kongexcels. Najavibes and their guests open wide musical spaceswith a plethora of details to discover. This is an album thatgrows on you, one that needs to be actively appreciated.Dub elements are abound even in the original songs. Thedub versions on the other hand never fully deconstruct themusic, they rather serve to point your attention towardsspecific elements of the sound. Najavibes and their guestsdo a terrific job. Youd never guess youre listening to a 2015record if you wouldnt know. I Kongs soft, emotional voice isthe icing on the cake. A Little Walk is a mandatory listen forroots reggae connoisseurs.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Guiding Light 02. Guiding Dub 03. Live As One (extended Mix) 04. A Little Walk 05. Dub Walk 06. Groovy Feeling 07. Dubby Feeling 08. When I See You Smile 09. Smiling Dub 10. Mysterious Ways (extended Mix)

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Format: LP

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 26-07-2019
Item # : 477464     
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2 - I KONG - PASS IT ON - (CD) 

Errol Kong, nephew of the famous producer Leslie Kong (Beverleys Records), starts his career at the beginning of the 60s with the band The Jamaicans. He then sings with Yabby Yous Prophets, as well as for the producer Lee "Scratch" Perry under his first artist name Ricky Storm, with Bunny Rugs, future Third Worlds singer, forming together the duet Ricky & Bunny.In 1972, he records his hit tune "The Way It Is" accompanied by the Inner Circle musicians, before releasing his first album in 1976. Genuine roots gem, vinyl-lovers have been craving for it until VP repressed the CD in 2006 and Iroko Records the vinyl in 2015. He then recorded a second album in 1982, Africa Calling, in Switzerland at the occasion of his exclusive visit in Europe.Forgotten legend from the golden-age of Jamaican music, I Kong was back in the forefront in 2015 after 35 years of silence with A Little Walk, a showcase album unanimously acclaimed by the specialized critique and which was followed by a first European tour. The author of unoverlookable hits like The Way It Is, Lifes Road or Babylon Walls is back in 2016 with a new album: Pass It On.Accompanied by his Swiss band, Najavibes, as well as Judy Mowatt, Ken Boothe and Raging Fyah, the one Jamaicans name "Icon" delivers a new and unquestionably roots record, whose aim is to pass values, a culture and a music stemming from another time on to the young generations.

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Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 14-10-2016
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