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Long awaited (really) debut album by Spains top instrumental R&R group. Killer packaging. Produced by Mike Mariconda. In these times of copious record releases, it was sort of strange that the Born Losers --a well-liked and already veteran band, with three excellent singles with successful sales-had still not waxed an album. It was not a matter of indolence, since their members were involved in all sorts of side projects, and their first LP confirms that the Losers were getting ripe for top-rank RnR. The results are exceptional indeed. Far from their early influences - namely, the sound of Davie Allan & The Arrows--, the band retains its peculiar sixties flavor, but their references have increased. The clear Arrows influence from their beginnings has now been replaced by ideas from the Challengers or the sound of the Ventures in their late Dolton records/early Liberty waxings: raw RnR, allied with pop melodies, jazzy touches and film music, without ever falling into corniness. In short, the music of the Born Losers is as intense and impressive as the image they project. We are fairly certain that this album is bound to be a commercial success, particularly overseas, where instrumental RnR is traditionally appreciated. The Losers are emerging as clear winners with this latest offering.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Theme From Angels Never Die 02. Funnel Of Love 03. Fast Shift 04. Teenage Rebel 05. Be Seeing You 06. Run For Your Live 07. Mindwaves 08. Fuckushima Speedway 09. From Russia With Love 10. The Fight 11. Tokyo Drifter 12. Cycle Guitars 13. Angels Never Die - Dirge

Format: LP

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 02-01-2013
Item # : 434160     
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The Born Losers debut seven inch on Scarey is probably one of the best 77 inspired punk rock singles you can get.This band formed in Alaska and moved to Portland, OR, trashing the place with three great originals. We are sure this debut won't disappoint all the punk rockers out there!! This is a killer mix of ANGRY SAMOANS, THE PAGANS, wild '60's Garage Punk and snotty KILLED BY DEATH inspired rawk and roll, played and recorded the modern way, powerful, mean and direct like any good punk rock record should be .A good point of comparison for how the Born Losers sound would be the Tyrades or Oscars. You could also draw a parallel between this music and that of bands such as the Final Solutions and Catholic Boys, though what you get on this slab isn't very angular or art damaged. Still, the Born Losers have a knack for throwing in an odd time signature shift here and there so subtle you have to keep alert or they'll fly right over your head. This is a very straightforward feeling listen that often isn't as linear as it seems. In terms of ace songsmithing, the Born Losers would've been hard pressed to serve up a better batch of tunes than they have here. Side-A's "For Chicago Girls" feels like an almost-instant classic. The way the verses in this song end creates an involuntary rush of adrenaline in the human body--epic, powerful, goosbump inducing, and undeniable. The flipside opening "Streets Of This Town" keeps the energy level set at "frantic," while the platter closing "Red Light Valentine" proves most sinister in class at a snakey, swaggered-out midtempo.Hopefully, people won't get caught up in perception and this 7" will find its way into the hands of those who should appreciate it most. That probably won't be a problem--the cream always rises to the top and the Born Losers really deliver here. Furiously executed with attitude to spare. A very pleasant surprise. Tracklist : 1. For Chicago Girls 2. Streets of This Town 3. Red Light Valentine

Format: 7"

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 01-11-2004
Item # : 352013     NEW
Availability: IN STOCK

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